Business People Holding Board with the World Map

Are you in a new country?

Are you feeling:


  • Lost
  • Insecure
  • Intimidated
  • Hopeful
  • Excited
  • Nervous
  • Uncertain


Let’s help each other
succeed and thrive!
Asman Jahangir human rights activist love tolerance and respect

Fighting for what is right. Amazing story…

I just finished watching this short video about this amazing woman. The world needs more people like her. Her sense of justice and willingness to fight for it is inspiring and humbling. Here is a link to an amazing Facebook video. Click the image.    

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What do immigrant kids remember from their childhoods?

Do children of immigrant families have anything in common? Everybody’s family is “weird” one way or another. Just the beauty of being humans and not robots…so we are all different in so many ways but also so similar in so many ways. Life is good 🙂 Talking about similarities, I never thought of this but …

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