Mar 11

Fighting for what is right. Amazing story…

I just finished watching this short video about this amazing woman.
The world needs more people like her.

Her sense of justice and willingness to fight for it is inspiring and humbling.

Here is a link to an amazing Facebook video. Click the image.

Asman Jahangir human rights activist love tolerance and respect



Oct 17

What do immigrant kids remember from their childhoods?

Do children of immigrant families have anything in common?

Everybody’s family is “weird” one way or another. Just the beauty of being humans and not robots…so we are all different in so many ways but also so similar in so many ways. Life is good 🙂

Talking about similarities, I never thought of this but children of immigrant families have some common path, something that is unique to them being the first generation in a new country.

I came across this funny video so I thought I’ll share it with you.

Enjoy! and don’t forget to leave a comment.



Sep 08

Feeling down? Check out this video!

Feeling down? Check out this video!

This will give anybody a boost in confidence and self worth!

So good to have people like this rapper create positive “feel good” songs.
Enjoy! 🙂


Sep 01

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I encourage you to check it out and PLAY 🙂

To your success



Feb 08

Be Together. Not The Same.

Tolerance  –  Acceptance  –  Living Life With Joy

The message I take away from this video.

I just love this. Love the Android commercial and the general message it conveys.

Yes it is a commercial to get people’s attention and buy Android ran devices, I am a big fan of that technology anyway….but that is not why I have the video on this site.


Wouldn’t the world be a better place, a happier and more productive place, if we were more tolerant and friendly towards each other and would not focus on our differences, the different appearance or different religion, etc, instead we would focus on how “human” we are, how respectful and helpful we are?

What should matter is how are we are treating our family, friends and complete strangers, how are we are contributing members of the society not what color the other person’s skin is or what are they wearing or who their partner is  or what church they go or if they go at all.

Watching these cute and innocent animals brings joy and hope to our race. We are sometimes too smug, conceited, thinking we are superior to others, including the animal world but there are always lessons to be learned and examples to follow, one has to have an open mind and joy in their heart to be able to observe and notice.

 I invite you to leave your comment below.

Do you think the world would be better if we focused more on Tolerance and Acceptance?